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Ultimate Logo Design Process From Start To Finish


Everything before its creation needs to follow some kind of steps. Becoming a logo designer is not an easy job at all. The first impression is the last and for this, you need to design the best logo for your company. Choosing wisely a logo designer is also necessary. You need to study every inch and bits of a logo design. For this, you need to follow certain steps. When you plan to design a logo design it is necessary to study the nature of the business in-depth.

Logo Designing Process:

It is hard to design a logo design process. You don’t know where to start and to where to end. Below mentioned are the steps that we need to follow while designing a logo:

Gathering The Requirement For Building A Logo Design:

Whenever we get started with any project, we need to gather requirements so, is in the case of logo designing. Before starting with the project, it is necessary to gather all the specified requirements related to the projects. When you decide to establish logo, you must do homework on the initial brief provided by the client through a call or email. Once you are done with the understanding of the business of the client it is now the time to present it in front of the client.

It is not the time to get the basic questions jotted down that you might need to ask from the client. And below mentioned are the three necessary question you ask for building a logo:

1. What is the difference between your company and the other competitor standing in the same field?

2. Get information about the client’s business goal and target audience, i.e. among which type of audience they want to market their business.

3. Where does your client see himself standing in future years?

Keep this thing in mind that you must perfectly know your client and gain every possible information related to your project in the first meeting to establish logo. This step will help you in building better understandability and better relationship with your client. The logo development will be easy once you get to understand and do perfect homework on the project before setting up the initial meeting.

This is an important step as you need to gain client trust as well as showcase all your skills.

Necessary Research on Logo Developing:

Once you are done with all the requirement gathering and you get selected for the project now it is necessary to do research. In the logo development process, it is necessary to do sufficient research on the business of your client. According to a professional logo designer, two types need to be done before you start logo development. Below we are explaining the two of them in detail:


The best principle to follow is to understand the nature of the business your client is running. Once you get an understandability of this then you will get to know what type of competitors are there and what strategy they followed for making their business logo.

It will be a better approach if you do a keen and fine study on the business gain the customer perspective and go through all the competitor’s websites.

Through this, you can build a better logo design that will reflect the complete nature of the company.


The visual build user interaction and attraction in a logo design. Whenever you start with a design you need to understand the design as well. The better recognition with the visuals will help you in design a better logo. This builds an outlook of the logo design and helps in creating inspiration for the next steps.


The step of brainstorming is based on generating ideas. First, the collected information is organized in a proper way that will help in reflecting the complete idea of the logo. The key to success is to give complete focus on the objectives provided by the client. You need to solve each type of problem by thinking like a client and see how the audience will react once, they get in touch with the logo you are considering designing.


Creativity is the major skill of a logo designer. If you want to judge a designer creativity sketching is all that can help you out in this. This is the phase where all the conceptual thinking is drawn on a piece of paper and then it is designed on the appropriate tools to generate a final look of the logo.

You don’t need to draw or sketch your design on a piece of paper but if you do so it will help you in creating a wider perspective and a clean logo design. It will also help you in saving your time and it also shows how much artistic mind you are having.


As soon you are done with the sketching phase now it is the time that you move towards the final execution design that you will be presenting in front of your client.

It is observed that if you work on each step of the logo development process it will help you in generating the best concept.

Now it is time to through all your ideas on the tools like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

Once you start executing keep in mind three things below mentioned are the three things:

1. Keep it to the point and appropriate to the company.

2. Simplicity attracts the user.

3. Make the logo in such a way that it lasts longer in the memory of the people.

If you work on the above-mentioned points you will get a perfect logo design execution and it will help you in saving your time as well as giving your design an immense amount of beauty.


Now the time when you need o present your designed logo on different platforms. There is three major application of logo design where your client must need to showcase the logo:

1. Business cards

2. Stationery Design

3. Promotional Items

If you are thinking to present your logo on a black piece of paper so it might be the worst idea. The reason behind this is that your client wants to showcase it on the application-defined above so it will be great if you present your design on a business card, etc.


The revision in the design depends upon the client’s needs and requirements and what you presented. The thing is this a logo designer is the only person who understands all the minor changes in the designs. So, for achieving the final deliverable it is necessary that you made the appropriate changes and give appropriate suggestions.


Delivery is the final thing that is done in the logo development process. Once your client is completely satisfied then the logo is delivered to the client a designer makes sure to handover all the copyrights of that logo to the client ownership and the work is ow closed.


Logo design helps a business to creates its brand identity. So, it is necessary to create the logo with all the efforts because it plays important role in creating the brand identity.

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