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10 Essentials Rules to Follow When Designing A Stunning Logo

Designing Logo

Logo is said to be the essential part of a company before anyone knows about the company. It is necessary that one should understand the importance and design according to the rules. If you are a logo designer you must need to follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure that the design is perfect and according to the engagement of the audience. So for this one designer should learn the essential rules of it.

10 essential Logo Design Rules:

It is said that a designer should know the 10 appropriate rules that one should follow to create the perfect design. Below mentioned are some of the most important rules that should be followed by a designer to become a professional.

1. Pre-thinking is necessary:

Whenever you start doing anything it is necessary to do some of the brainstorming. Brainstorming is said to be the most important thing before starting anything and it helps in creating the best thing. Before starting to design logo of a company you must know the central idea of the company and then do the brainstorming. Once you are done with the brainstorming you should know how to start and how to complete the design.

2. Maintain Balance:

Balancing is the most necessary thing when you are designing. It is said that if you are choosing an element it should be appealing and engaging with a perfect mix of colors.

3. Sizing is Important:

The logo design guideline says that the sizing of the elements is the most important factor which helps in maintaining the correct size of the design and to make it look attractive.

4. Effective use of color:

Color are used to bring liveliness in the design. The more right use of the color the more attractive things will look. Color gives an appealing look to the design and allow user to understand more efficiently. But before choosing every color a designer must need to understand that there are some of the color blind people as well who can’t see some of the specific colors. So, for these kinds of people color should be specific that can be seen by the people in a more proper way. Because color plays an important role in creating understandability of the design or logo.

5. Design depict the company idea:

A logo design helps in showing the company central idea that what is the purpose of the company and why it is created. Moreover, people grab ideas from the logo, and it is necessary that the brand logo should be simple, clear and understandable. Logo creates first impression and this first impression should last forever and ever. For this sake people make more concerns on the logo design of the company so that they can get the fast user engagement.

6. Typography is everything:

Typography is the key to success. The right choice of font will lead you to the right place. Choosing clear fonts style and size helps in increasing the readability and understanding of the logo. The tagline plays important role in giving explanation to the logo. If this tagline isn’t written with the right typography there will be less chances of user engagement and people will not interact your brand.

7. Create your own Recognition:

Building reputation is the necessary thing. Whenever people search for a company, they first search for the company reputation that how well this company is reputed. What are the reviews of this company and how well it is rated in the industry?

For this sake people work on there logo before making to the market. And for this they get connected to professionals so that they can get a good reputation.

8. Stand out different:

Standing out different is the hardest thing anyone can face. People wants to come up with unique idea and then want to create an identity. If your product or brand is unique first thing that can help you is the right logo design with it you can stand out unique in the industry.

9. Keep things simple:

Simplicity helps a lot and with this people win the game. It is said that when designing the design your design must be simple so that it can be understood easily. Simplicity helps in creating the audience and removing the gap between the company and audience.

10. Take Ideas from other design as inspiration:

Taking ideas from other platforms is not a bad thing. But copying them is surly is! So, for this it is said that one designer should take the idea from the other and create a new of its own. This is called taking inspiration from other design.


Whenever a designer wants to design a logo, he/she should know the basics of logo design and must follow these rules. Even a company follow the logo design rules to create a perfect design and to show that how it will come in front of the audience. Logo design rules are considered to be the most important thing the industry and every designer should follow these rules before becoming a professional.

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